Book Blogger Hop: May 10th-16th

What was the last book you re-read? Or name a book you would like to re-read. Submitted by Tanya

I very rarely, if ever, re-read a book.  The exception is usually Jane Austen. Every once in awhile I will decide to pick up one of her stories again. However, I recently read a blog on Jane Eyre (sorry, I do not recall where I saw it and couldn’t find the link to share). If I find some spare time, I may re-read that one again soon.

~~Emmly Jane

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Recommended Read

What was the last book you read that was recommended by someone else? Did you like it?  Question submitted by Tanya


Let’s face it, I love my friends and family. I adore them. Really, I do. However, our tastes vary from “Almost in the same town” to “Seriously, what planet are you from?” To each his or her own, right?

Wrong! Have you ever had someone go on and on about a story they loved and they just knew you would to? Then, when you finally picked it up, you made the mistake of telling them of the purchase?

What happened? Were you continually badgered by them waiting to find out you loved it as much as they had. And when you don’t? AWKWARD! This is a situation I avoid like the plague, so rarely do I fall into the trap.

The last was during the Twilight phenomenon. My daughter was hooked. My older sister was also snared. At the same time, people commented harshly to me for allowing my teenager to read such trash. Other folks stared at me in astonishment when I said I hadn’t read it.

Finally, I caved. Honestly, my decision came more out of the fear of what I allowed my daughter to read than anything else. When I completed them, I ended up presently surprised, and a little embarrassed, to admit I enjoyed the series.

Did I love them? No, but they were a quick read, and I didn’t hate them (a plus). Will I read them again? Doubtful, but I seldom read stories more than once anyway.

And what was my final thought on my oldest daughter having read them?

Knowledge is power. Awareness of what those pages contained helped me, as her parent, guide her in any area where I held a personal concern. We spoke openly about the obsession side of relationships and how, especially at such a young age, it can be unhealthy.

twilightSo, to answer the original question: My guess is the last recommended book I read had to be the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Unexpectedly, I did like it.

What about you? Do you take personal recommendations into consideration? Or are you like me and take the unemotional approach of allowing Amazon to recommend a future read based on your buying history?

~~Emmly Jane

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“Z” is for Zeal

When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself. — Confucius

Late posting on my last day because of some technical difficulties but wanted to congratulate everyone for making it through the month.  Several times life became hectic and I only quickly posted a quote without much else to say but it was still so much fun pushing through.  

Congratulations to all!

~~Emmly Jane

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“Y” is for Yelling

ImageIf you want your kids to listen to you, don’t yell at them. Whisper. Make them lean in. My kids taught me that. And I do it with adults now. — Mario Batali

I do not claim to be a good mother. I always say “I am trying my best.” However, having receiving similar advice to the quote above has helped me over the years. 

Admittingly, it is still a takes an effort. When my children are not listening, my initial instinct is to state my request louder until they comply.  But when I lower my voice, it is amazing how quickly their ears listen up.

I’ve never tried this with an adult but today is as good a day as any for that experiment.  What fun!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

~~Emmly Jane 

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“X” is for Xenophon

The sweetest of all sounds is praise. — Xenophon

Yes, I am guilty of switching up my “X” and went with the author instead of the topic. Hey, don’t judge! X is a hard letter.  <smiles>

~~Emmly Jane (Thanking all who have asked about my daughter. She is doing well. Praise God!)


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“W” is for Waiting & Wrong #AtoZchallenge

ImageLight thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it. — Terry Pratchett

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d toss one out that really makes us all think. Enjoy!

~~Emmly Jane (wishing you a wonderful weekend)

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“V” is for Victory

ImageIt is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. — Buddha

Is it human nature to want to change others?  How often have you witnessed this struggle between others? Isn’t that what every war really boils down to?  Differences in point of views and wanting the others to do things our way?

How often is the instigator not even perfect in their own believes they are trying to push onto others?  We become blind to our own faults. 

What is that other saying about those who live in glass houses?  You know the one.  

I believe I am safe to say that I have enough faults to fix to last me a lifetime trying to correct. Why would I want to take on others? 

~~Emmly Jane


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