B is for Bonnie and her Bad Boy #AtoZchallenge

For the AtoZ challenge, I’ve selected past heroines who have captured our hearts or maybe scared the tarnation out of us. Either way, come have a seat On The Porch Swing and share your thoughts!

Bonnie Parker was not the first woman in history to fall for bad boy. However, she took it to the extreme when she hooked up with Clyde Barrow. The couple robbed banks as well as local mom and pop shops. And when push came to shove, they did not hesitate to shoot anyone who got in their way.

Contrary to being a notorious thief and murderer, Bonnie wrote poetry. And when she was gunned down, she was still married and died wearing the wedding band of her high school sweetheart, Roy Thornton.

Another inconsistency to me were the pictures and stories of Clyde carrying Bonnie. When thinking on this notorious pair, that image did not play out easily in my mind. Until the day I learned Bonnie had suffered an injury in a car accident. The acid from the car’s battery gave her a permanent limp. Occasionally the pain was so severe, she either had to hop or sometimes, as we’ve seen, Clyde would carry her.

So what makes a bad boy so captivating to women? On the other side of the coin, how can a man accused of such horrid crimes be kind enough to, literally, give his girl a lift?

Outlaws — Billy the Kid and Clyde Barrow
by Bonnie Parker

Billy rode on a pinto horse
Billy the Kid I mean
And he met Clyde Barrow riding
In a little gray machine

Billy drew his bridle rein
And Barrow stopped his car
And the dead man talked to the living man
Under the morning star

Billy said to the Barrow boy
Is this the way you ride
In a car that does its ninety per
Machine guns at each side?

I only had my pinto horse
And my six-gun tried and true
I could shoot but they got me
And someday they will get you!

For the men who live like you and me
Are playing a losing game
And the way we shoot, or the way we ride
Is all about the same

And the like of us may never hope
For death to set us free
For the living are always after you
And the dead are after me

Then out of the East arose the sound
Of hoof-beats with the dawn
And Billy pulled his rein and said
I must be moving on

And out of the West came the glare of a light
And the drone of a motor’s song
And Barrow set his foot on the gas
And shouted back, ‘So long’

So into the East, Clyde Barrow rode
And Billy, into the West
The living man who can know no peace
And the dead who can know no rest



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I believe in true love and happily ever afters. eReader. Favorite genre: historical romance.
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5 Responses to B is for Bonnie and her Bad Boy #AtoZchallenge

  1. Alicia Dean says:

    Fascinating! I’ve always been intrigued by Bonnie and Clyde, but did not know these little tidbits. Yes, women are certainly attracted to bad boys. I have a few theories, but don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s different for different women? Enjoyed the post! Sorry I’m late.

  2. momfawn says:

    Thank you for picking such a delightful theme for the challenge! – Fawn

  3. Great post. I love the information and the poetry.

  4. A. Catherine Noon says:

    I love the two of them! Thank you for such a fun theme; I’m enjoying my visits.

    A. Catherine Noon from the A-Z Challenge, representing the Noon and Wilder blog at http://noonandwilder.blogspot.com. Happy blogging!


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