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What was the last book you read that was recommended by someone else? Did you like it?  Question submitted by Tanya


Let’s face it, I love my friends and family. I adore them. Really, I do. However, our tastes vary from “Almost in the same town” to “Seriously, what planet are you from?” To each his or her own, right?

Wrong! Have you ever had someone go on and on about a story they loved and they just knew you would to? Then, when you finally picked it up, you made the mistake of telling them of the purchase?

What happened? Were you continually badgered by them waiting to find out you loved it as much as they had. And when you don’t? AWKWARD! This is a situation I avoid like the plague, so rarely do I fall into the trap.

The last was during the Twilight phenomenon. My daughter was hooked. My older sister was also snared. At the same time, people commented harshly to me for allowing my teenager to read such trash. Other folks stared at me in astonishment when I said I hadn’t read it.

Finally, I caved. Honestly, my decision came more out of the fear of what I allowed my daughter to read than anything else. When I completed them, I ended up presently surprised, and a little embarrassed, to admit I enjoyed the series.

Did I love them? No, but they were a quick read, and I didn’t hate them (a plus). Will I read them again? Doubtful, but I seldom read stories more than once anyway.

And what was my final thought on my oldest daughter having read them?

Knowledge is power. Awareness of what those pages contained helped me, as her parent, guide her in any area where I held a personal concern. We spoke openly about the obsession side of relationships and how, especially at such a young age, it can be unhealthy.

twilightSo, to answer the original question: My guess is the last recommended book I read had to be the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Unexpectedly, I did like it.

What about you? Do you take personal recommendations into consideration? Or are you like me and take the unemotional approach of allowing Amazon to recommend a future read based on your buying history?

~~Emmly Jane


About EmmlyJane

I believe in true love and happily ever afters. eReader. Favorite genre: historical romance.
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9 Responses to Recommended Read

  1. I have the same problem as you, I worry about not liking the books I am recommended, and how do you tell someone you hated something they loved? I know how crushing it is when I love something and someone else doesn’t share that passion. So I tend to put off reading the books people recommend, and I generally make my own decisions on what to read. I don’t even read reviews a lot of the time… I will just see what the story is like, and then go from there. There are even times I will wander the aisles at the library and see what I can see. I read Twilight as well, and the first time was the best. After that it lost its sparkle.

  2. carfor12 says:

    Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I enjoyed your post here but I must admit that I have not read this series. I am not a Twilght fan. We each read what we enjoy and that goes for our children as well. I believe that there are a lot worse things that kids can be doing other than reading a book.

  3. Rinelle Grey says:

    Interesting question. I don’t get too many book recomendations. Sometimes from my sister, and I trust that if she recomends a book to me (note, specifically to me, not just that she liked it herself), then I will probably like it too. However, I don’t always get around to reading them!

    Still haven’t read Twilight. I really should one day, just so I know what they’re like!

  4. Wonderful blog EmmlyJane…I really enjoyed it! I usually only buy books recommended by people who know me really, really well. My reading time is so limited and valuable that I don’t want to waste an instant of it!

  5. jdfaver says:

    Not a Twilight fan, but I didn’t admire Bella. She was such a tool. Not the kind of female I could like or want anyone I know to emulate. Ugh! I want my heroines to be smarter, tougher and never, ever be doormats. I’m much more appreciative of Hermione in Harry Potter or Katniss in The Hunger Games. Or just about any other female character…Just MHO. But I appreciate your opinion and I appreciate the insight into why someone would like the series.

    • EmmlyJane says:

      Hi JD – Thanks for stopping by!

      I understand your point of view on Bella. Some of your concerns with her character are probably similar to the ones I addressed with “E”. I want my girls to grow into a strong, confident adults, happy with themselves and the lives they create. While a relationship can enhance an already full life, it should not be the main purpose of anyone’s existence!

      Unfortunately, this obsessiveness with a partner is out there in the world our kids enter everyday. This book gave our family the opportunity to address the issue head on. Praying some of those talks stick to my kids when their at school and observing others actions.

      ~~Emmly Jane

  6. Maria Behar says:

    OMG!!!!! These are the books I ADORE!!!!! I first found “Twilight”, the first book in the series, on Amazon, in 2006, before there was any hoopla. I read an excerpt on the Amazon reader, and was instantly hooked. I ordered the book right away, and, when it arrived, totally DEVOURED it! Then I ordered the second one, “New Moon”. When that one arrived, I also read it in no time at all. Then I ‘paced the floor’, as you put it, waiting an entire year for the next one, “Eclipse”, to be released. When it was, I bought it at once, again from Amazon. Then I found out that a local bookstore, Books & Books, was having a book presentation, and Stephenie Meyer would be there to sign books and talk about the series!! The only catch was that you had to buy the book in order to get two tickets to the event. You know what I did, right? Yes, I bought another copy, which she did sign. I asked a friend to go to the event with me, and you should have seen the crowd! And this was in 2007, before the first movie came out.

    Long story short: I now own several copies of these books — the original black hardcovers, the collector’s edition (each book has a slipcase, and an autopen signature inside), the white edition paperbacks (except for the Bree Tanner book, because I don’t like that one), and several trade and mass-market paperback copies of all four books. Now I’m reading the first book for the FOURTH time, in Spanish, since I’m fluent in that language, and am acquiring all of the books in that language, in trade paperbacks. I have read the entire series twice, and the first book three times. I think I’ll now be reading the entire series for the third time. The first book is my favorite, although I do love them all!!

    I also own all five collector’s editions of the five movies, which I’ve already watched at least twice. Last but not least — I’m not a teenager, nor am I in my twenties. I won’t say where I am, though, Lol. Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series!!!! EDWARD & BELLA 4-EVER!!!! YAY!!

    Thanks for commenting on my BBH post, and for featuring The Twilight Saga in yours!! : )

    • EmmlyJane says:

      Oh heavens… that waiting for the next book in a series you love is extremely painful. What is wrong with those authors anyway, right? Don’t they know you’re waiting??? I admit to holding off starting a new series if it is from an author which I follow regularly. And then, when I start reading them, I prepare meals ahead of time and threaten my poo family if they disturb me.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~~Emmly Jane


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