“C” is for Change

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If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.  — Gail Sheehy

It is human nature to flight change. At least it is deep within my DNA. When I was younger, I told myself and others I handled change like a pro. After turning 30, I was finally able to see my Pinocchio nose in the mirror so I pulled on my boxing gloves and fought change with everything I had.  In my forties…  Well, let’s move on to topics much more interesting than my age.

a-to-z-letters-cEvery Weight Watcher leader will hate me for saying this, but on my bathroom mirror in big bold letters are the words “You GROW girl!”  Now, to redeem myself with the weight-loss industry, it means mental growth of course. Having those words staring me in the face every day all day long keeps me on track.  It also helps my hubby get in touch with his feminine side. (kidding honey!)

So, if you’re like I was and you fight change, try to embrace it. Don’t let it get the better of you. In fact, in a self-help book I’ve read along the way (and I wish I could remember which one… if someone knows, please comment and remind me!), is another unique piece of advice I had plastered across the top of my computer monitor for years:

Is this critical to my basic survival?  

Two key things to remember here: (1) basic survival is food and shelter, nothing more! and (2) answer honestly. Then, if you answer “no”, take a deep breath (maybe two) and move on.

Geez, now I’m thinking of my days lately, and realize I need to put this back on my screen. Will you join me? I promise that after a few days, you will not find your life to be smooth sailing, but your spirit will be a bit more peaceful.

~~ Emmly Jane (and apologizes for such a long post today…  I got carried away!)


About EmmlyJane

I believe in true love and happily ever afters. eReader. Favorite genre: historical romance.
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9 Responses to “C” is for Change

  1. auntyamo says:

    no apology necessary! 😉

  2. Pat says:

    When I look back at the big changes in my life, they were all due to my husband. A big move out of state when we first married, selling our house and buying an RV and traveling for 7 years, and now settling back down again. ALL were very scary moves. ALL were wonderful experiences. I don’t regret ANY of them!! I can’t say that change is good, but it has been for me!

  3. mshatch says:

    change is not one of my favorite things although I find if I get in increments or am prepared for it then it’s easier.

  4. Jean Heff says:

    Words to live by! I wonder if your husband ever looks into the mirror and says that to himself 🙂 I’ve always been a huge fan of change but when that change is forced upon me is when I tend to lose it. I like the idea of keeping quotes and reminders around the house. I’ll share one I love: When in doubt choose the kids. There will always be time for work.

  5. Andy says:

    Hey Emmly Jane, I also blogged on the subject of Change today. Loved your post. Andy.

  6. dmacsf says:

    So true. Change is hard, even “good” change. Sometimes it’s hard to be open to change. Great post, great reminder!

  7. mymy says:

    Getting around to accept change is a bit difficult for me, sometimes. But I have learned to cope as I got older (i have to. lol). thanks for visiting my a-z post!

  8. I love both “You grow, girl” and “Is this critical to my basic survival?” The former is a great reminder to keep stretching and learning, the latter is a brilliant context in any situation that causes an internal (and perhaps external) tug o’ war. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    Love the idea of the “You Grow Girl” sign in the bathroom. =) Great way to remind yourself of what’s important and prompt a smile.


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